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Scottish anchorages

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One never stops learning more and more about the West Coast of Scotland, and needing advice oneself. Here on the following pages are some tips picked up from all sorts of people, mostly crew, over many years:


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Calypso Round Mull Race

"To a worker in London, nine-tenths of whose cruising is perforce confined to the waters between the Humber and the Land's End, the effect of so much beauty and grandeur was almost overpowering. Mingled with enjoyment was always a feeling of sadness at the thought that life is so brief and that one can never hope to explore more than a very few of these magnificent firths and lochs".


From 'Yacht Cruising' (1926) by Claud Worth, who cruised to the Hebrides and round Great Britain in the 'Tern' in 1895.



"That it is a yachtsman's paradise I have no doubt. You may get rain, you certainly will get rain, although I have been extraordinarily lucky in this respect, and you will get hard blows, and if you go adventuring out into the open, as you assuredly will, you will find rough water. But then if you are a yachtsman, who doesn't depend on spotless flannels and a yellow silk oilskin, and a beautiful white-covered cap, the society of lovely ladies, and a comfortable club in which to dine, you will, as I say, find this coast a yachtsman's paradise." 


I don't think I have ever met any of these posh folk around this area, they may have existed in the 1930s when Heckstall Smith wrote Isle, Ben and Loch, but not now — thankfully. And nowadays with such good weather forecasting one can even dodge the bad weather, or stay put. Most of the time.