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Scottish anchorages


OK, so this isn't Orkney, or even Kilmartin Glen which is a bit too far from any of the anchorages round here to be easily visited, but there is still a lot of stuff around. I am not quite sure where archaeology ends and history begins, perhaps with written records, but who cares, this is what I think there is to see:


There is only one stone circle (Loch Buie, South Mull) in the area.


There are a few standing stones to admire and lean against: East Tarbert Bay, Gigha; Onich at the entrance to Loch Leven; near the Caolas Gigalum on Gigha; Loch Stornoway, Kintyre; on the Glengorm estate near Loch Mingary, West Mull; and Loch Cuan, West Mull. And there is the strangely named but not very exciting Ogham Stone near Ardminish Bay, Gigha.


There are cup and ring markings at Sailean Mòr Kintyre as well as at Poll an Dunain, Loch Leven.


Duns are mostly iron age fortified structures on small hills — at Little Horseshoe Bay, Kerrera, on Luing, as well as on Loch Scridain. There are lots of more obsure ones to find on the OS maps.


On Canna you will find a Viking grave and a souterrain but they are both a bit of a walk from the anchorage. And at Oitir Mhòr on Kerrera there is the almost invisible remains of the Cladh a’Bhearnaig monastery.


There are only two brochs — the most complete is a bit of a walk from the Gott Bay anchorage on Tiree, and there is a more ruined one on Lismore.


And a very broken down but atmospheric chambered cairn on Loch Teacuis, and another at Port Donain, southeast Mull.


There are separate website pages for castles, ecclesiastical things and other buildings of interest.






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Cup marks

The cup markings at Port an Dunain

"Wherever there is water and fertility in the Highlands, we generally find some remains of antiquity" John Knox 1786

Loch Buie

Loch Buie stone circle