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Scottish anchorages

Rubh' Ardalanish

The usual anchorage is to the west of Ardalanish point where there are two small bays so if there is a boat in one when you arrive, anchor in the other — both are very attractive. The water is crystal clear, clear enough to watch crab battles under the boat. Apparently in settled weather Ardalanish bay east of the point is OK, but it must be very shallow, albeit with a tempting looking beach. But this is nearer Ardalanish farm which is getting a lot of attention and an increasing reputation for their weaving. Otherwise it is an hour-and-a-quarter walk, up the shallow valley to the northeast from the small bays where you will find an abandoned village (sad when you think about it), then bear right up the hill and aim for Scarba in the distance, through a gate and across some bog to the right of a plug of rock, on to the farm track (not very easy to find your way). It is an organic farm and took to weaving their own tweed in 1987, using wool from their own sheep (and other sheep too). It is a delightful place. There is a shop selling the wool, tweed, blankets and rather posh clothes, as well as their own organic beef. And coffee and ice cream.  You can look round the old looms too. Take your credit card. In the meadow outside there are corncrakes. A right on sort of a place. In 2011 it all came up for sale but the new owners — Anne and Andrew Smith — are carrying on the tradition (ph 01681 700 265).

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Ardalanash Ardalanash

A perfect evening

An Ardalanish loom