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Scottish anchorages

Ardbeg (Loch an t-Sàilein)

Although you can pick up a visitor’s mooring off the Ardbeg distillery (ph 01496 302 244) it is rather exposed and not as attractive as the Lagavulin anchorage.  However, there is a delightful walk across the cliffs from Lagavulin where I prefer to anchor or pick up a visitor's mooring (you can walk round by the road which is a bit longer).


The distillery which was started in 1815 and restored in the late 1990s is well worth a visit, particularly for the splendid café which is in an old kiln, and the white painted buildings which are highly attractive. Indeed the buildings were according to 'Pevsner' described by Barnard in 1887 as though constructed "with no pretensions to taste or elegance, nevertheless...look picturesque and are substantially built". Just like they look and are today. The staff are very friendly too, and you can indulge yourself in excellent coffee, lunch or tea. As ever there are tours. Unlike some but not all other distilleries, to get into their website you don't have to state you are of legal (in the UK) drinking age. How daft, of course anyone can lie about their age. The now deleted home page commented that they were "a worldwide family of Ardbeg aficionados in 90 countries who work tirelessly to drink more Ardbeg"! Doesn't sound too good in this day and age of concern about alcoholism.


Bizarrely, Ardbeg has tried maturing their whisky in the orbiting International Space Station. They claim it tastes better than the earthbound equivalent. Good for publicity if nothing else.

Ardbeg 1

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The distinctive distillery buildings