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Scottish anchorages

Ardencaple Bay

This bay may not be as totally enclosed but it is much quieter than Puilladobhrain. Indeed anchored just east of Ardfad point one can see all the many masts in Puilladobhrain and wonder what makes the human race cluster so closely together.


On Ardfad point there are several rocky outcrops on one of which — the one with the ash tree — is the very ruined remains of Ardfad castle, more like a fortified house. Another McDougall construction.  


A bit further to the west is Ardencaple House, a rather fine late 18th century laird's house. It was once lived in by Mrs Frances Shand Kydd, Princess Diana's mother, but now James Taylor lives there He runs the surrounding sporting estate and is also into conservation. There has been a lot of deciduous tree planting, and new wild-life ponds in front of the house. It is rather private with a big sign "No access by vehicle or on foot" and a lot of fences (to keep the animals away from the young trees apparently).


The whole place is awash with wild flowers, and seals haul themselves out on the small skerries to stare at you.   This is a good spot for children to be let loose in the dinghy — lots of little islands to row around and land on.

Ardencaple castle

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Not much left of Ardfad Castle