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Scottish anchorages

Ardmore Islands

This is a veritable archipelago of little islands and skerries. The anchorages are quite far out from the land but I don't think you really need to go ashore to experience what this magical place offers. Just sit in the cockpit with binoculars, wait and watch. Or paddle about  — quietly — in the dinghy. There are always loads of seals around and you can watch oystercatchers, terns, eider duck, shell duck, swans, herons, deer feeding by the water's edge, and on one memorable occasion we saw a family of otters playing close by on the rocks. Ashore there is not much to do anyway other than stroll around in the bracken. Ardmore house up on the hill looks forbidding, and rather ugly. A small wind turbine has appeared in recent years, tolerable just about — better than a coal-fired power station.

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Across to Kintyre

One of many, many seals