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Scottish anchorages

Bàgh Dun Mhuilig

Not an official anchorage, but easy to anchor off the old shed in quiet conditions. Visible on the hill just up from the anchorage you will see the old parish church of Kilmarie (or is it Kilmorie?). Wander up and to take a look both at the view up and down the loch, and at the early 13th century chapel. It was abandoned in the late 17th century when the parishioners went off to worship in Ardfern on the site of the church that was later built in the 1730s. Some restoration work was done here in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and later still the 14th and 15th century graveslabs were moved into the chapel under a cover at the west end. It is a nice spot to meditate, indeed I found an elderly biker doing just that one early spring day.

Bagh Dun Mhuilig chapel Loch Craignish from Bagh Dun Mhuilig

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The anchorage from the church

The church from the anchorage