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Scottish anchorages

Bagh Gleann nam Muc

This anchorage is more popular than you might imagine, given the tidal difficulties around about. However, it is a great place to settle down and watch the sunset over Mull. With the rugged rocks all around. Anyway, there is plenty of room for several boats as well as intrepid campers on the beach. It is nice to walk up one of the small hills to catch the view, and of course to walk round the north point to look at the Corryvreckan (the cauldron of the speckled sea) in full flood. The beach looks pretty good for a barbeque although watch the swell when getting back in the tender. And in September just listen to the roaring stags silhouetted on the surrounding hills at dusk — far more deer on Jura than people, 6000 to 200. Strangely, Pennant reckoned there were only "about a hundred stags" on the island in the late 18th century, so either he got his numbers wrong or the numbers have increased remarkably.


The west coast of Jura is so remote that in the Second World War it is reputed that crew from German U-Boats came ashore to poach a deer or two for their suppers.

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Rowing the Corryvreckan - with the tide - during the Scottish Islands Peaks Race

(the Bay of the Glen of Pigs)

Corryvreckan Bagh Gleann

Rowing the Corryvreckan, on a calm day

Looking down on the anchorage