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Scottish anchorages


Now that Barcaldine Marine has closed down you are left with just Creran Marine (ph 01631 720 308) for visitor moorings. The one thing to do here is to take advantage of Sustrans, that incredibly important charity dedicated to linking up the whole of the UK with safe cycle tracks, who have converted the old railway between Oban and Ballachulish to a cycle track which, rather than a quite busy road, is much the best way to walk to the Scottish Sea Life Sanctuary (ph 01631 720 386). It takes about half an hour. This place is worth a look, particularly for the fish, shellfish and other sea animals found in the area which are very well displayed. Miss the shop and cafeteria, don't bother with the seals unless one happens to be in the seal hospital because you will have seen plenty in the wild anyway, but the otters are fun to look at although they are not the indigenous European breed but North American and so more active during the day (at least when I was last there). For the kids there are slides and swings, and a small adventure playground, so a useful distraction from cramped on board life - but do not walk them there down the main road.



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Winter at Barcaldine