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Scottish anchorages

Bernera and Achadun bays

Achadun (Achinduin) castle is not as ruined as Ardtornish castle, not as restored as Gylen, and certainly not as complete as Dunstaffnage — but it is in a pleasing position above the bays giving two anchorages protected from all wind directions between them, no doubt a consideration to those who put the castle there in the first place. But these early builders would not have had their view up Loch Linnhe ruined by the Glensanda quarry. However, one must not moan. That quarry does employ something like 200 people, the stone goes out by boat rather than by road, and it will I think eventually be all grassed over.


The castle dates from the 13th century and was apparently built by the bishops of Argyll in the days when bishops needed to defend themselves, from what I know not. But nowadays it is thought the MacDougalls built it and only later did the Bishops take it over. It was probably abandoned in about 1400.


Walk down to the tidal isthmus across to Bernera island and have a look at what I think must have been a fish trap — easily visible at low tide, facing northwest. On the southeast side of the island is a very, very ruined chapel with no visible tomb stones, and loads of wild flowers in summer.


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The remains of Achadun castle

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The fish trap with Morvern beyond

The remains of Achadun castle