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Scottish anchorages

The best things

to see and do

There is so much to see around here. And to do. What to choose all depends on what you fancy, so click on an your preferred activity below to find out which anchorages to aim for. I have tried to be reasonably selective where the choice is huge, and this is only one person's opinion.





Buildings of interest


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Horse riding

Museums and similar places


Swimming pools and leisure centres





calypso 4

Calypso sailing in Loch Sunart

"I know of no place like the cabin of a well-found yacht where this feeling of content is so strongly emphasized, especially after a hard day's sailing." I agree with Heckstall Smith writing in the 1930s, but you should still get out and about to see and do things.


But I cannot possibly agree with Samuel Johnson who travelled to the Hebrides in very different times, the late 18th century: "Of these Islands it must be confessed, that they have not many allurements, but to the mere lover of naked nature. The inhabitants are thin, provisions are scarce, and desolation and penury give little pleasure". 


Even 100 years later Robert Buchanan rather defensively introduced his 'The Land of Lorne including the cruise of the Tern to the Outer Hebrides' with "How little do mortals know of the wonders lying at their own thresholds! So true is it that travellers and tourists, all sorts of Englishmen, are better aquainted with Teneriffe or Patagonia than they are with our own Hebrides" (1871)

David Balfour

Pickle at anchor, not in Greece but David Balfour's Bay

Early filming of cruising on the west coast was not nearly as successful as writing about it, but an example circa 1937 is at: Posh people in motor yachts, but interesting to look at — note the cigarette smoking, and the wind-up gramaphone.