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Scottish anchorages

Cairn Burgh Islands

Not an anchorage for the faint hearted, but with Antares Charts there is no problem, provided you watch the tides rushing through between Cairn na Burgh Mòr (rock of the big fort) and Cairn na Burgh Beg (rock of the wee fort). Best for a picnic stop on a hot day. The extraordinary thing about these very small and long uninhabited islands is that there are the remains of a roughly 16th century ruined castle and 18th century barracks on top of the biggest, and the remains of fortifications on the smallest (the first fortifications were probably 13th century). It was garrisoned at least until the 18th century. And check out the ruined probably 15th century chapel. All now crumbling away, invaded by nettles and wild flowers. How crazy is that, given the difficulties of access and indeed of growing food (somewhere there is a well for water). But not so crazy if you are defending yourself. There are loads of seals around the anchorage, and loads of wild flowers (sea campion etc) but not much in the way of nesting seabirds I think.

Chapel on Cairn na Burgh Mor South from Cairn na Burgh Mor Cairn Burgh Islands

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The remains of the chapel

View over the Treshnish Islands to the south of Cairn na Burgh Mòr

The islands from the west, against Mull and Ulva in the background