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Scottish anchorages

Camas nan Gall and Rubha Dearg

A bit of a tide through Camus nan Gall but this is by far the nicest anchorage in the Fort William area and certainly the one with the best and most dramatic view of Ben Nevis. Indeed, it was ever thus; back in 1893 R T McMullen in 'Down Channel' described it as "an exceedingly pretty anchorage". The bay just around Rubha Dearg may be more sheltered but instead of the Ben you get a close up view of the remains of the Pulp and Paper Mills which is definitely not a pretty sight (at its peak the pulp mill chomped through 10,000 trees a day but only lasted from the 1960s to 1980 when it was closed down, just leaving the paper mill to stagger on until 2005).   The walk along the shore between these two anchorages is very pleasant but there is nothing of special interest. Going the other way you soon come to the small ferry, managed by Dougie Robertson since 2012. It plies between here and Fort William several times a day — very useful for shopping and avoiding the Fort William anchorage which is not at all nice. And just up from the ferry is the lovely Crofters Woods with a couple of marked trails. Deciduous trees — and my first cuckoo of the year on April 19th 2011.

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"Camus nan Gaul bay provided a delightfully isolated anchorage with smooth and tideless waters of no great depth and a clean and sheltered beach to land upon". Henry Reynolds, 1921

Camas nan gall Cams nan Gall

The ferry terminal steps

View of the Ben from Camas nan Gall, early morning