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Scottish anchorages

Camas nan Geall

I know not why this is not included in the Sailing Directions, on a calm day with northerly weather it is superb, a wide open bay looking over towards Tobermory. The single track road above the bay is far enough away not to be obtrusive, and anyway there is not much traffic. Ashore there is a somewhat sandy beach, OK for sand castles, and behind that a well tended field with sheep. But not just sheep. Over the centuries the farmers have kept away from and have now enclosed an 18th century burial ground with a couple of interesting head stones and even a standing stone on which is carved a Christian cross, and also some trees surrounding a broken down chambered cairn. These, along with some scattered domestic ruins, give the place a sad sort of a feeling, but the views are not to be missed - on a good day of course. There is an iron age fort on the headland to the SW which I have not got to - yet.

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The graveslabs, abandoned


From the road above

Cams nan Geall

At anchor in the bay