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Scottish anchorages

Camas Tuath

No beach here, just a rather scenic inlet with a view, an alternative to Bunessan in southerly weather. It is in fact rather interesting because the quarry to port as you come in is where Alan Stevenson got the stones for his lighthouses on Ardnamurchan and Skerryvore. Imagine in the mid-9th century blasting the rocks out of here, hauling them down the hill (the remains of the slipway and marks of the rails are still there), getting them on to boats from the pier (which had to be built) and then out to sea. The ruined house by the pier must date from the same time.  


In passing, the granite walls in the quarry look pretty good for rock climbing — bring ropes and climbing shoes.


The well restored and maintained buildings to starboard, originally built for the quariers, and powered it seems by a windmill and solar panels, belong to the Iona Community. It provides outdoor activities for young people, and groups can self-cater here in the winter. Their mission statement is "Together, we seek to enable growth in love, respect and awareness of ourselves, each other, God and the Environment".  You have been alerted.




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Old pier at Camas Tuath Quarry slipway at Camas Tuath

The quarry pier

Marks from the old rail track