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Scottish anchorages

Caolas Gigalum (South Pier)

Apart from looking at Faith, Hope and Charity, the original three wind turbines, and since 2013 Harmony the fourth — all of which I find rather attractive and decidedly more pleasing than looking at a coal mine or nuclear power station — there is nothing very special to do or see. But you could walk up to the turbines for the rather grand view, and even to hug them if you are so inclined. They have now paid for themselves and by feeding in to the national grid they are a considerable source of income for the community.  Bear in mind that electricity only came to Gigha in 1955, and yet now the island exports electricity from its community-owned wind-farm to the national grid — progress indeed, both technological and social. On a ridge just to their north you will find two very small standing stones — Bodach and Cailleach, meaning the old man and old woman — with a fine view of Jura and the distant coast of Ireland.

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Bodach and Cailleach


Bodach and Cailleach