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Scottish anchorages


Colonsay is the land of the McPhees or Macfies or of the various other spellings of the same clan name. From the east side of the island the Paps of Jura seem ever present, and the light is fabulous which must explain why there are so many paintings of this view (indeed we have two). The island has a population of about 150 and is very much a holiday destination depending on tourism, as well as on farming — so many people I know have rented a cottage here, or several different cottages over the years. Not too surprising given that the estate has about 20 properties to rent (which seems a bit excessive for the size of the local population).  And we are talking Waitrose- not Lidl-man judging by the Volvos and BMWs lined up at the ferry terminal in Oban. However, it is a lovely place with many sandy beaches, a good hotel (closed in winter), a brewery, a terrific bookshop, a ruined priory and lots of walks. There is an excellent folk music festival in September but you have to book early as places are limited (could be a bad time of year for anchoring, so go by public transport if necessary — you could even try Hebridean Air Services which has scheduled flights from Oban, albeit with a very limited timetable). Amazingly, there is a book festival, in April.


There are not that many anchorages and the main one at Scalasaig is not that wonderful, but there is a good alternative in the next bay to the south — Loch Staosnaig.



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Pausing for thought  and to admire the view of Jura and Islay

from a Colonsay beach

Children dodging the waves at Kiloran Bay