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Scottish anchorages


Canal basins are always full of delight and interest, this one certainly is with the dominating bulk of Ben Nevis as the backdrop to the start of the Caledonian Canal (designed by the legendary Scottish stonemason and genius turned engineer Thomas Telford, and opened in 1822). If you get the timing right there is the added bonus in the summer of the Jacobite steam train which runs along the line just behind the basin. But beyond the railway line, there seems nothing of interest. Fort William, for what it is worth, is about four miles away so it would have to be a taxi ride unless you have a folding bike on board. The walk would not be attractive. But the one mile walk up the canal to view Neptune’s staircase is worthwhile, an amazing series of eight interconnected locks raising the water level by 20 metres.


Slightly surprisingly, in 2017 there were plans for a marina here. But maybe it will be used once it is in place.

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Corpach Basin

Neptune's staircase with a steam train in the background