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Scottish anchorages

Cragaig Bay

The Cragaig Bay anchorage on Ulva has lots of interest. Behind the cottage there are a couple of not very distinguished standing stones. But walk east at the cottage along a Land Rover track, and then fork back up the hill to take a high level track westwards. There are spectacular views across the bay to the cliffs of Mull, Iona and the Treshnish Islands. All around you will stumble on the remains of derelict cottages hidden in the bracken, the population were turfed out in the 19th century. After a while, past a ruined cottage, there is a graveyard down nearer the shore — Cille Mhic Eoghainn. This is very ruined now and I guess in fifty years will be a wreck, overgrown with bracken, and forgotten. Sad when MacQuarries from far afield return to search out their ancestors who left this lovely island, starving and looking for a better life elsewhere. Lachlan MacQuarrie became the first Governor of New South Wales in 1810, and is now regarded as the father of Australia.


If you follow the Land Rover track, but east from the bay, look for the remains of an old water mill. After a short distance the track follows the edge of a narrow inlet with evidence of old harbour walls and at the head of the inlet the track crosses a small burn. At this point the old mill house is off the track to the left, a few metres. There is still an old millstone in the the ruined building.


Back on the boat you can take your tender and explore the small islands to the west of the anchorage where there are some tiny sandy beaches, grand for a fine summer's day.


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Standing Stone, Cragaig Bay, Ulva

One of the standing stones


The anchorage with Ben More behind