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Scottish anchorages

Creag islands

This archipelago of small islands and rocks off the east shore of Lismore is a perfect spot for a picnic on a hot and windless summer day. There are lots of seals, a small sandy beach on the north end of Eilean nan Gamhna which is ideal for sandcastles, snorkelling and spectacular views up Loch Linnhe and down the Firth of Lorne. The undergrowth in the summer is incredibly thick and so it is not easy to get around. It is all an SSSI — Site of Special Scientific Interest — and so particular care is needed to avoid disturbing the seals which are always in evidence, particularly it seems in the south-facing bay between Eilean na Cloiche and Eilean Dubh which is a peaceful place to anchor in quiet weather (in southerly weather you can of course anchor on the north side of the isthmus where there is a shingle beach). There are also a lot of birds — oystercatchers, terns and geese. And  trees are being planted on Eilean na Cloiche, but by whom? Who owns this place I wonder?


Creags Creags beach

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The beach on Eilean nan Gamhna

View north to the Lochaber mountains