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Scottish anchorages


There seems to be nowhere to walk here except along the busy road — hopeless. And the traffic is noisy. This must be more for Mr Toad than Rattie (if you have not read Wind in the Willows, you are not a genuine boatie). But there is the pub to repair to. In 2008 the old 18th century Creagan Inn was completely taken to bits and rebuilt in a rather unattractive style, with a huge deck jutting out into the loch (ph 01631 730 250). Architectural vandalism I'm afraid. The restaurant and bar were over large and soulless. Not surprisingly it closed down in 2010. However, it was then sold and reopened under much more promising new ownership in 2011 — to Allan and Liz Crichton. The staff were friendlier, and some internal remodelling made the place cosier. In 2012 two moorings appeared, with plans even for a pontoon at some stage — ambitious. Already there are showers I believe. So on the up. And in 2014 there were plans to transform it into a café-bistro with craft shops. But then, hey presto, that August it was up for sale. Fortunately, in 2015 Duncan and Isobel MacCorquodale took over and with their background in the hospitality industry I imagine things will pick up. Indeed they have, not bad pub grub, and a real ale, and friendly. It only seems to be open from Thursday through Sunday.


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The Creagan Inn overloking the loch

Creagan Inn 1

The Creagan Inn, and Loch Creran