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Scottish anchorages


Not many boats ever seem to anchor off this tiny and remote hamlet. Maybe because they are drawn further into the enclosed mysteries of Loch Spelve sparing just a glance at the surprising telephone box down on the stony beach (surely BT will be removing this sooner rather than later). But it is worth a stop even if you don't want to make a phone call. You are saved a bit of time getting to and from the other anchorages if you are passing by the loch, the views are rather better, and in a way the shore is more interesting. There are a few houses, some new and not exactly attractive and one or two which used to look a bit tumbledown but are now restored, some nice gardens, a decaying pier, and a very pretty walk along a track by the shore towards the entrance to the loch. After about five minutes you come to one huge rock perched on top of another looking for all the world like a giant mushroom by the high water mark. Go on for another 20 minutes and you come to one of the very few sandy (more or less) beaches in the Firth of Lorne, Port nan Crullach. A beautiful spot with rockpools and views. On the way there are lovely trees and all the usual Hebridean flowers. A good place to explore if there is no wind for sailing. Up the hill from the beach are scattered ruins of two abandoned and long forgotten villages — Barnashoag and Balgamrie — from where you can make a bee-line back to Croggan over the moor.

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Croggan P4102740

At anchor off Croggan Pier

An unexpected telephone box, but for how much longer?