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Scottish anchorages

Dallens Bay

Linnhe Marine is a small and friendly family-run water-sports centre with moorings and pontoons which has been here since 1981 (ph 01631 730 401). It may be more more interesting to anchor on the other side of the sound by Shuna and go for a walk there. Mind you I feel a bit guilty about that because the buoys to guide you into Shuna Sound from the south were laid by Linnhe Marine.


You could row across to the privately owned 15th century Castle Stalker, or walk if the tide is right, something I have never done; there are limited tours (vital to book well ahead) and a welcoming website (ph 07721 503981). It appears on so many Scottish calendars because of its ridiculously romantic position in the middle of the sea (at high tide at least). On the way, you could divert to a quite nice café and gift shop now called Castle Stalker View, unsurprisingly with a view of the castle, up on the road above you. In 2014 they added their Wildlife Hub where you can watch live pictures of nesting sites and such like. Finally, The Old Inn, 10 or so minutes along the cycle path to the south, has a good reputation, I have yet to visit.

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Castle Stalker from the café