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Scottish anchorages


Drimnin is literally at the end of the road, if you are coming by land, and a very long, single-track road it is too curling round the remarkably isolated and unpopulated part of Scotland called Morvern. You can appreciate why people connected up by sea in these parts, it is a mere three miles by boat — and ferry — to Tobermory.


These days people seldom anchor here, Tobermory has a greater magnetic attraction. But the walks as ever are lovely, and if you can avoid the Highland Bull it is good to do the 15-minutes walk from the ferry slipway with its friendly notices, first left, up a track to the recently restored, by Derek and Louise Lewis of the Drimnin estate, St Columba's Roman Catholic Chapel perched on its rock looking out to Ardnamurchan. A strange location such a long way from any habitation, not many Roman Catholics in the area anyway, but not so strange for a castle which once stood on the same spot. Until in 1838 Sir Charles Gordon, a Banffshire landowner, bought the estate and pulled ithe castle down to make way for his own private chapel. It was locked when I was there so I don't know what it is like inside.


The estate has now built a distillery with the first products due in 2020, so maybe another reason to anchor here in the future. Their website is highly attractive, holiday cottages to let, guided walks, all that sort of thing.

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The view down the Sound of Mull from Bonnavoulin Bay, just to the east of Drimnin itself

St Columba's Chapel