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Scottish anchorages

Eilean Macaskin

As well as landing on the island from the Eilean Nan Gabhar anchorage, there is a bit of an anchorage off a small wooden house at the NE corner of the island, but don't venture too far into the wee bay — it is shallow! From here there are pleasant strolls up through woods and bracken to the north-south ridge from which there are great views, particularly from the north end up the loch. Just down the east side of the ridge towards the north end you will find a ruined black house. The crudely built walls are only a couple of feet high but the rounded ends are clearly there, there was a single door into the main house, and another internal door with its lintel leading into the byre. The island was apparently inhabited until the end of the 19th century.

Eilean Macaskin view north Eilean Macaskin black house

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Ruined black house (I think)

View north up Loch Craignish from the island — in winter