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Scottish anchorages


Even though the Sailing Directions are a near blank for Loch Caolisport, there must be several places to anchor near here, at least when the wind is from the north. There are hardly any other boats hereabouts, even though the scenery is lovely. If you are in to really mouldering burial grounds, then try and find Cladh a'Bhile SW of Ellary House by about 600 metres. It took me two attempts to find it, and you certainly need an OS map. The key is a couple of broken down metal gates, at the NW side of a clearing in the woods. You will find some 7th and 8th century cross-marked stones, a terrific grave slab almost buried in the undergrowth displaying a splendid sword, and a surprisingly recent grave-stone from 1999 (Grid ref. 7333 7560). Should these ancient stones stay here, mysterious, unmarked with no signage, more and more hidden as nature takes over without any obvious human hand to keep things tidy? Or should they be moved to a museum, or somewhere like Keills Chapel by Loch na Cille where they can be properly displayed? I am not sure.


Ellary House is the large Victorian pile by the shore, designed by David Bryce and built in 1870, and then rebuilt after a fire by Robert Lorimer in 1894-8. It is not open to the public and I have no idea who lives there, if anyone very much.

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Cladh a'Bhile Cladh a'Bhile

Grave slab half buried in the undergrowth

I presume a cross-marked stone of some antiquity

Loch Caolisport