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Scottish anchorages

The Fairy Isles

The name is apt. The dark green interlocking lagoons separated by small islands and dotted with rocks is indeed a magical place. Altogether a delightful spot. The anchorage is surrounded by enough deciduous trees that you don't really notice the dreary conifers of Knapdale forest.   On a still evening take a row around in the tender to look at the seals and birds — not surprisingly this place is a Scottish Wildlife Trust reserve. On a hot afternoon explore the shallow lagoon just to the north of the anchorage and try and spot the flatfish, starfish, crabs and tiny shrimp-like creatures scuttling around on the seabed. There is a forest road along its edge if you want a bit of a walk through the woods. In short, just dawdle. And watch out for the ospreys which definitely have a nest hereabouts.

Fairly isles

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The anchorage from the lagoon to the north