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Scottish anchorages


With care, there can be a surprisingly reasonable anchorage out of the tide, at least on the flood, just north of the island from where you can dinghy across to the old landing slip. And then explore the island. But don't leave your boat unattended for too long, and probably don't stay the night — the ebb could land you on the rocks. Not that there is much to explore. The large walled garden is overgrown, and the lighthouse cottages rather run down. Of course the views all around are great. I never knew why sometime in the 20th century, the name of the island changed from Pladda to Fladda until the present owner told me the Northern Lighthouse Board was responsible — to avoid confusion with their lighthouse on the other Pladda, off the south tip of Arran in the Clyde.

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The lighthouse with the Garvellachs and Mull beyond. Engineers: David and Thomas Stevenson, established 1860, automated 1956.

Fladda garden Fladda

The overgrown garden

The view west to Cullipool