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Scottish anchorages

Gallanach Bay

This bay opposite Crinan is a nice spot in northerly weather, always much quieter than off the hotel, and there is a pleasant walk to the dramatically situate Duntrune Castle, still showing much of its 15th and 16th century origins. It is privately owned by the chief of the Clan Malcolm and there are holiday lets, but apparently interested people can get to look around by appointment (ph 01546 510 283). It claims to be the oldest continually inhabited castle in Scotland.


Across the road there is a charming small garden to meander in, with classical statues and tinkling water. Here you will find an early 20th century heliochronometer, an instrument which was used to tell the time from the sun (before the BBC time signal which was started in 1924). It is far more accurate and reliable than conventional sundials apparently, and you can still buy them.

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Gallanach bay statue 4 Gallanach bay statue 5 Gallanach bay heliochronometer 2 Gallanch bay stag at Duntrune castle

One of the stags at the entrance to Duntrune Castle

The heliochronometer

Daff Gallanach bay statue 3 girl copy