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Scottish anchorages

Glaceriska bay

A pleasant enough bay, nice deciduous woods to wander around in, but that is almost it. However, you could walk along the small road through the woods to Port Appin and the attractions there, about 30 minutes max. And en route, at the top of the hill in about 15 minutes, there is actually something rather good to look at — Druimneil House. This is a calm and lovely 1850 country house. You can't go inside but the extensive gardens are free to enter and wander round. They are mostly woodland with shrubs, there is a lovely pond with dragonflies and a boy hanging on to a dolphin, and a walled garden too with plants for sale. The 25 year + so far restoration is still ongoing so not all of the beds are planted. And my espaliered apple trees are better pruned than theirs, although I am just an amateur! But, thank you so much Mrs Glaisher for letting us in, as ever shame on others around here who have recently closed their gardens to the public. So go there and donate to the upkeep of the gardens which must cost a bomb, best in the spring and early summer. And stay there too if you want a night ashore in a luxury guest house.


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Dolphin and boy

The Druimneil House garden pond, with boy and dolphin