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Scottish anchorages

Hyskeir (Oigh-Sgeir — maiden rock)

Yes you can indeed anchor here, at least on a calm day (the Antares charts will get you there clasping your ipad). Go in to the gut from the north, leaving the lighthouse to port. It is so long ago since I did this that the light was still manned, but stupidly I never took any photographs — I must revisit. In the meantime this is an Ian Cowe photograph, author of Scottish and Manx Lighthouses. The three keepers were delighted to see us and took us right up to the light. What a view, like from an aeroplane. Everything was incredibly clean, not a speck of dust, brass gleaming. I wonder what the inside looks like now in these automated days. I also wonder what happened to the visitors' book which went right back to when the light was established in 1904, and the war book with instructions of what to do in the event of an outbreak of hostilities. Again, it is a Stevenson light, David this time. As well as the lighthouse, make sure to enjoy the wild flowers and the hexagonal stones, and note the ovegrown vegeatable garden were the keepers could grow their own food.

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Engineer: David A Stevenson, established 1904, automated 1997