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Scottish anchorages


Jura is extraordinarily different to Islay, even though it is incredibly close — it is far more mountainous and wild, and has far fewer people, about 200, and only one distillery.  And the beaches are not so attractive, mostly grey sand. Two anchorages in particular stand out for their remoteness, even though this is still 'only' the Inner Hebrides — Loch Tarbert, a long and intricate loch on the west coast, and Bagh Gleann nam Muc just off the Corryvreckan at the northwest tip. The island has a strong sense of community, maybe because there are not that many holiday homes — yet. Jura Jottings comes out every month on paper and has a website too, and the Jura Development Trust also has an informative website. Finally, check out the Jura Music Festival in September — given the shortage of accommodation you will do well on a mooring.


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"Intimate as I am with Jura, I have little to say of it, and much less to say in its favour. The distant view of its mountains, remarkable, no less for their conical forms than their solitary reign, leads to expectations that are not realized". John MacCulloch's opinion of Jura in the early 19th century does not I think apply these days!

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Jura west coast

The very remote west coast of Jura from the air


The Paps from the air