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Scottish anchorages

Kentallen Bay

I am not sure this has much to commend it, too near the busy Oban to Fort William road, too many moorings. But there is a small chapel tucked away in the woods, built in 1868, St Moluag’s Church (locked but through the windows the inside looks a wreck). The walk between here and Cuil Bay looks good but I have not done it.


You could also scramble up to the old railway line and try to walk along to the Holly Tree Hotel about half-a-mile away, but much better to pick up one of their five moorings, because the line has been cut by some new houses (ph 01631 740 292). The rather unattractive looking hotel with chalets was built around the old railway station, the remains of which are still visible inside. It is said to be good for kids, there is a restaurant, and even a very small swimming pool.


A ferry to Fort William used to run from the small pier.  You can stroll towards the head of the bay along the old railway line but again it is cut by the main road.


The branch railway line which opened in 1903 from Connel to Ballachulish must have been a wonderful ride, and surely would still be an excellent tourist resource if it had not been swept away by the infamous Dr Beeching in 1966. A mere 63 years it lasted. A very creaky film was made of it in the winter just before it closed. Long ago one of my medical school teachers who when he heard I was moving to Scotland became quite nostalgic about this journey; after the war when he had been demobbed he was given a return rail ticket to anywhere in the UK, and he chose Ballachulish as a suitably distant and peaceful destination. Luckily Sustrans have converted the track to a long distance cycle route  the Caledonia Way  — from Campbeltown to Fort William and Inverness, and the section from the hotel northwards is now complete.

Kentallen Sustrans cycle track, Kentallen

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Kentallen pier and across to Ardgour

The Sustrans cycleway