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Scottish anchorages

Kinuachdrachd Harbour

Kinuachdrachd Harbour, a lush bay on the northeast tip of Jura, is a lovely quiet spot. There is a small restored pier in the southern corner, for reasons I know not. The main and rather essential thing to do is walk 30-minutes south to Barnhill. This is where the recently widowed George Orwell lived when he was writing Nineteen Eighty Four, already suffering from the TB which was to kill him in 1951. The book was actually finished in 1948 and so it is said that Orwell set it in 1984 by changing around the last two digits. He surely can't have had the idea of the book here, about as far away as one can get from civilisation in the UK and still have a roof over your head — it is the last but one house on the island, surrounded by fields and deciduous woods. Mind you, Barnhill is a fairly substantial farmhouse, belonging at the time to David Astor who was a friend of Orwell's, but by all accounts it was not at all comfortable. There is still no tarmac road so far north, just a cart track suitable for Land Rovers and the like. Be brave and rent the place for £1000 a week.

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Barnhill Barnhill


Barnhill looking south