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Scottish anchorages

Lagg Bay

Not a lot here. The early 19th century house at the head of the bay may look like a pub, indeed it was once a pub — but no longer. The slipway and curving pier are both marvellous early 19th century works, function and artistic structure satisfactorily combined, along with the third criterion for good architecture — delight. Built for the drovers to take cattle from Jura, Islay and Colonsay to Keills on the mainland. This trade died out not so long ago, the last Argyll drover died in 1957.  The pier was  also once used by the mail ferry to the mainland. And more recently, in a major gale, to get the owner of the Jura Hotel to the mainland to be with his labouring wife in Edinburgh.

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Lagg Lagg

The pier

Lagg bay from the road above