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Scottish anchorages

Loch a'Choire

You really feel in the mountains here, maybe more so than anywhere else south of Skye. The surrounding hills positively invite you to jump up them directly from the deck they seem so close. An evening stroll around the head of the loch is a delight. Kingairloch House and the surrounding estate seem mysteriously affluent, and everything is very trim for such a remote part of the mainland, even the little roads are well surfaced. I imagine loads of money was made from the Glensanda coastal quarry which the estate sold off to Aggregate Industries in 2006. There are a lot of self-catering cottages as well as catered accommodation (if you want it) in the big house itself. Way back, in the Second World War, the Royal Navy had a secret testing site here for two-man torpedo-like craft with detachable war heads, and for mini-submarines.


In 2009 a really nice restaurant opened in the restored old boathouse, just by the anchorage on the north shore. Sadly they closed in 2015. But in 2016 it reopened under new managemnt and early reports were good. But by 2020 it was again closed. Sad.


By the moorings is an old broken down graveyard, but with some more recent cairns mostly to members of the Strutt family who must have been big round here. Indeed the late Mrs Patricia Strutt was one of the most formidable deer stalkers in Scotland it seems. Shot her first stag in 1930 at the age of 19, and her last shortly before her death in 2000.


There is a walk to Kingairloch village along the road, but it is a very minor one. There you will find a surprisingly well looked after church, right on the beach (Camas na Croise). Mid 19th century. A fabulous view. I wonder who keeps the brass so gleaming bright. I gather all the cottages are now holiday homes. Sad, but realistic.

Loch Corrie 2

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The anchorage on the north side "A very fine, safe harbour" according to Murdoch Mackenzie in 1776

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Kingairloch Church and Loch Linnhe