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Scottish anchorages

Loch Beag

There is nothing particular to do or see here, although walking to Craignish point is nice — great views south to Scarba and Jura. And there are certainly otters around below the old ferry house next to a broken down jetty and crane. I think a ferry used to run from here to Jura. Up the loch you can see Craignish castle but it is not really worth a visit, in any event it is privately owned and converted into apartments. 'Pevsner' regards it as 'a clumsy confection concocted by repeated conversions', so there you have it. It ranges from 15th century through the 19th to the 20th. What is of more interest, but it is bit further, is the old parish church of Kilmarie, on the road towards Ardfern, nearer to the Bàgh Dun Mhuilig anchorage.

Loch Beag

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