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Scottish anchorages

Loch Craignish

Loch Craignish is tremendously attractive in a low key sort of way — no mountains or beaches, just lovely knobbly hills, islands and water. There must be many more than just the 'official' anchorages to explore with walks to do, all within easy striking distance of the pub, marina and shop at Ardfern — ideal for family cruising. As Cowper put it "The loch is worth exploring for all the strange nooks it possesses, and the very beautiful scenery". If the scenery looks a bit familiar to film buffs, then you are right, the boat chase in 'From Russia with Love' was filmed here (as a substitute for Turkey!). For more detail about the area take a look at the Craignish website, which includes the northwest side of the peninsula as well as the Loch Craignish side.







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Ftom the Lochgilphead road — the head of Loch Craignish, the Paps of Jura beyond