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Scottish anchorages

Loch Creran

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I am really not sure if Loch Creran itself is worth the effort, except perhaps unless you are desperate for a very classy meal at the Isle of Eriska Hotel. Somehow it is a rather dull loch for visiting boaties, albeit with nice mountains at the end heading up towards Glencoe, and lovely woods. The roads down each side are obtrusive, and so are the houses. It is generally too populated for my taste. Anyway, anchoring inside the loch iteslf these days is very restricted because it is now a Marine Special Area of Conservation (SAC) owing to the bedrock and biogenic reefs, the latter made from the tube worm Serpula vermicularis (known as serpulid reefs) and the horse mussel Modiolus modiolus (known as horse mussel beds) which can be all too easily damaged by anchors.  Maybe boaties should leave the place to the worms and visit by road.

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Head of Loch Creran A stern sign at the entrance to the loch

The stern sign at the entrance

to the loch, now gone.

The head of the loch

Loch Creran final

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