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Scottish anchorages

Loch na Cille (Loch Keills)

Take the chance with a northerly wind to anchor below the 12th century St Charmaig's chapel (after St Cormac, the Irish Saint) which has been beautifully restored, albeit as a quite dull box-like structure (which presumably it once was). The roof is new and inside there is a marvellous collection of medieval grave slabs now protected from the erosive Kintyre elements. They are very well described as well. The 8th century High Cross of Keills has also been moved in here; it is carved from Loch Sween stone, and is Iona school. Amazingly the chapel is unlocked and long may it remain so. Curiously the entry in the Historic Environment Scotland website seems slightly out of date (but some of the old photos are interesting).  


It is well worth walking to the tip of Rubha na Cille, a remarkable headland because of the fantastic views across to Jura with a distant glimpse of Ireland as well. Also the terrain is unusual because of the spiky rocks which are great for a touch of what I am told is now called bouldering (but it is a long way to bring your mat).  


Loch na Cille 3

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Rubha na Cille rock formations