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Scottish anchorages

Loch na Cille

You can pick up a Kilmelford Yacht Haven mooring here, and they have a good reputation for fixing things on boats, as well as having toilets and showers and so on (ph 01852 200248) .  The village of Kilmelfort with the Cuilfail hotel, restaurant and cosy bar with real ale (ph 01852 200 274), is I reckon too far to walk, only a near mile maybe, but along a main road with no pavement. You might get a lift from the hotel if you phone them. Better, the Yacht Haven may take you free of charge.  The village restaurant has just reopened in 2017 as the Room at the Top Café and Takeaway, but I have not been there (ph 01852 200271). Otherwise not much to do.

Kilmelford Yacht Haven Loch na Cille

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Kilmelford Yacht Haven

The head of Loch na Cille