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Scottish anchorages

Loch Sunart

Loch Sunart, at least the upper part, is a bit of a disappointment, maybe it seems that way because it tends to be the place to retreat to when the weather is too inclement to go north round Ardnamurchan or around the west side of Mull. The road along the north shore may only be a single track but somehow it is intrusive, and there are not that many official anchorages. And, of course, the wind tends to blow either up or down the loch, so one way or another you will be tacking unless you are very clever with the forecast. But, and it is a big but, the loch is incredibly beautiful, and sailing on flat water in a brisk breeze is a delight. There are wonderful deciduous woods on either side, not too spoilt by pine plantations — yet. I suspect there must be a number of rather nice occasional anchorages along the much more remote south side where there are bound to be woodland walks. But I kind of feel this is a great place for walking, mountain biking and camping, not for particularly attractive or interesting anchorages. It is also a Special Area of Conservation. 





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The head of Loch Sunart

The head of Loch Sunart