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Scottish anchorages

Lowlandman's Bay

Cowper reckoned this "makes a capital resting place" and so it does except I find it a bit bleak in the bay itself, and not that easy to get ashore because it is all very shallow at the edges and you have to anchor a fair way out. The houses (1861) on the northeast point of the bay were built for the lighthouse keepers who looked after the Skervuile light until it was automated.


The small bay in the southwest — Drum an Dunan — is much more cosy and protected with nice woods on the north shore. Loads of seals on the islands just to the south. There is a grey-sand beach of sorts at the head of the bay and a bit further up a couple of challenging piles of stones, were these burial cairns or just a farmer heaping up stones from a cleared field years ago?

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At anchor with the old lighthouse cottages behind