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Scottish anchorages

The Small Isles and North of Ardnamurchan

It is said to be a bit of a challenge going north round Ardnamurchan, but if you pick your time with a nice southerly wind it is a piece of cake - and rewarding (but do remember you have to get back against that southerly wind which might have got a whole lot stronger). Indeed it was so easy the first time I did it that the crew renamed it 'Softnamurchan'. So far I have not yet included much in this area except the so-called Small Isles which make up the wonderfully varied quartet of exotic and strange names. Muck is small, pastoral and well farmed, Rum is much larger, mountainous and wild, Eigg is more of a crofting sort of a place, while Canna is both rural and wild with one of the best harbours in the Hebrides. And with a few others on the mainland I have added Loch Scavaig, the most dramatic anchorage in the UK outside of St Kilda.

P5180666 Photo gallery North of Ardnamurchan final


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photo gallery Eigg from the sea

Eigg with Rum in the background

Rum, from Eigg