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Scottish anchorages

Photo galleries

west coast final b


Collected together here are all the photos of the various anchorages, and more — to give you an idea of the endless possibility of what there is to see and do once you get to them. Click on the area you are interested in to find the gallery.


"A camera is a very useful thing, and an album revives old memories, but it must never be forgotten that the unfortunate camera can only see the scene for one twenty-fifth of a second, while the artist can, if he likes, gaze all day"


S Heckstall Smith

Isle, Ben and Loch, 1932


"Cruising is not racing.... for no one can doubt that the practice of sailing which renews in us all the past of our blood, has been abominably corrupted by racing. I do not know whence the evil came, but I suppose it came like most evils, from a love of money. The love of money made men admire the possessors of it, and so they came to think of sailing as they do of riding horses, or of any other sport — as something to be tested by what the rich man could do."


Hilaire Belloc, The Cruise of the 'Nona', 1925

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