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Scottish anchorages

Port Donain

A quiet spot on a quiet day, more a lunch-stop to off-load the kids on to the small grey sandy beach (one of the few sandy beaches around these parts). Mind you there are rocks before the beach so it can be tricky to land, maybe better to the south of the burn that comes tumbling down past a ruined house. But there is a bit more to this bay than meets the eye. Up the hill to the right of the main beach you will find the remains of a chambered cairn, and a bit further up the field the remains of a kerb cairn with perhaps a fallen standing stone. For the more adventurous, walk north under the cliffs to find a spooky cave, with bones probably, and grand panoramic views up towards Loch Linnhe, Ben Nevis and across to Ben Cruachan. And if you do stay the night, there is plenty of wood for a barbeque.

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Port Donaon Port Donain

At anchor in Port Donain, the Lismore lighthouse in the distance

Port Donain looking to the mainland