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Scottish anchorages

Port Mòr, Glas Uig, Aros Bay

These three anchorages are all very close together and about equidistant from the most interesting place to visit hereabouts — Kildalton chapel and cross. From Port Mòr where some rather flashy motorboats are tied up to a jetty by a restored boathouse there is a track, from the other two you have to strike out round the small hill. The cross is generally regarded as the best free-standing Early Christian — 8th century — cross in Scotland, and who am I to disagree. It is a bit difficult to make out exactly what the carvings represent but on the east side 'Pevsner' told me is the virgin and child, Cain slaying Abel, Abraham sacrificing Isaac, and David killing a lion. The late 12th or early 13th century chapel itself is roofless but otherwise reasonably preserved considering it was abandoned at the end of the 17th century. As ever there are mouldering and very old graveslabs, eroded by the elements and the feet of the curious.

Port Mor

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Kildalton chapel with the cross in the background