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Scottish anchorages

Port na Moralachd

Notwithstanding the fish cages this is a great anchorage, and you can’t even see Glensanda if you get yourself in the right place, in the north or in the more traditional south bay (there is a very ruined lime kiln down on the shore of the latter but the ones at Port Ramsay are much better preserved). And there is quite a bit of driftwood to make a barbeque.


From here you can easily walk over to Port Ramsay. Better, although it is about a half-an-hour walk, is an expedition to Castle Coeffin and maybe on to the church at Clachan and the Heritage Museum. Not only is the walk very pleasant but the small castle has a great position perched on a limestone outcrop with splendid views up and down the Lynn of Morvern (avert your eyes from Glensanda and take photographs when it is in the shade). The castle is very ruined but it has been stabilised and you can scramble up to take in the views. If you look down on the bay to the southwest you can see very clearly the remains of a fish trap. It is another MacDougall castle, originally built in the 13th century, but before that it was the site of a Norse fortress.


The small farm with loads of horses, tucked away behind the castle and more or less invisible from the sea, is a bit of a surprise, but the signs to direct you around it are helpful rather than antagonistic.

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Looking south to Morvern and Mull

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Castle Coeffin