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Scottish anchorages

Salad Nicoise (Cape Wrath) by William

This was memorably put together off Cape Wrath for lunch on a calm summer’s day.


Ingredients (for four)


The ingredients can be flexible. It’s a matter of preference and availability. Globe artichoke hearts would be good, but a bit over the top off Cape Wrath perhaps.


4-5 new potatoes boiled with a sprig of mint, but cool or cold

3-4 eggs boiled for 6-7 minutes from room temperature, shelled, allowed to cool, cut in half

Some dwarf French beans (or any green bean) boiled for just 6-7 minutes (or less)

3-4 tomatoes sliced, halved or quartered, and salted

Half an onion (red is best) thinly sliced

Lettuce leaves  

1-2 tins of tuna chunks in sunflower oil

6-8 tinned/bottled anchovy fillets

Fresh basil leaves (oh yes, keep a basil plant in the galley)




Olive oil, white wine vinegar (no more than a quarter of the volume of oil, according to taste), garlic finely chopped, salt, pepper (including coarsely chopped black pepper), fresh or dried herbs (oregano, marjoram or thyme, or all three). Put all the ingredients in a jam jar with a screw top and shake vigorously.




Layer the bottom of a large serving bowl with the lettuce leaves. Add layers of the other ingredients, but reserving some eggs, beans, tomatoes, tuna and the anchovies and basil for the topping. It is worth adding some salad dressing and turning the salad gently with two serving spoons before adding the topping. The topping is made up of tuna chunks, egg pieces, a few beans, anchovies arranged in a star pattern. Scatter hand twisted (goodness me, what next? ed) basil leaves on the top. Serve with the salad dressing.