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Scottish anchorages


This seems a bleak anchorage to me, but why? Perhaps it is the broken-down original pier which is now just a few sticks poking out of the surface of the sea. The later 1905 'new' pier was last used by the Oban ferry in 1964, after which it too fell into dereliction. However, a new owner set about restoration in 2007 and the 'new' pier was finished by 2013, complete with a restored waiting room. The boring modern house by the pier is for rent, sleeps 13.


Others seem to feel the same bleakness, or maybe it is sadness, because there hardly ever seem to be any boats anchored here except for the one day in May where it is the first stop for the Scottish Islands Peaks Race.


It is a bit of a walk, maybe 15 minutes, to the village where there is a reasonable shop, and a restaurant with rather mixed reviews (ph 01680 300 200) — Mediterranea. I have not been there myself. Across the road, in the nicest old building in the village (1803), is an excellent cafe and tea room, the Coffee Pot. I have not seen a bench with a hinged pop-up table in the middle before, perfect for resting your latte.


You could walk on to Aros castle but it is not a very exciting walk. The Salen agricultural show is said to be very good, in August. If you are very swanky your rich friends could land at the Glenforsa airstrip in their private plane. The Glenforsa hotel is maybe a bit far to walk for a meal but it does have a  webcam showing you just what the Sound looks like at any time of the day.

Salen pier

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The sadly broken down 'old' pier


The restored 'new' pier